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Our current projects are by invitation only, Funds will be open to the general public.

Crossroads Village Center

Modern and upscale mixed use development located at major intersection in central Florida, 30 minutes from Disney World. Opportunity zone investment with diversified asset class.

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Distressed Real Estate Fund

Fund targeting distress opportunities in industrial / warehouse / distribution flex space, hospitality, multifamily and other asset classes that produce cash flow and long term value.


Industrial Infrastructure Fund

$30,000,000 Fund

Haines City Town Center Development Fund LLP

$25,000,000 Series I Fund targeting development of single family homes, multifamily and commercial real estate. 

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BMG’s management team has decades of real estate investment experience in successfully developing, turning arounds and managing real estate assets through peaks and valleys of our economy, downturns and recessions, and are constantly monitoring development trends and hot spots.

Gain access to private-market commercial, multifamily and single family portfolios, industrial real estate assets at lower minimums. BMG’s partner investing platform for accredited investors.

Black Mountain Group’s platform connects commercial and residential multifamily real estate investors looking for a lower barrier of entry to investments in exclusive, private-market CRE investment opportunities including Tax-Advantaged real estate offerings like Opportunity Zones and 1031 Exchanges. Our focus is the preservation of investor capital and long term growth and cash flow, as well as rigorous in-house underwriting, origination, due diligence, and asset management for the lifetime of the investment.

Given our deep knowledge of areas we operate, build and develop and our strong relationships with developer partners, construction managers, GC’s, government agencies gives us the edge over other fund managers.

Due to recent volatility and uncertainty surrounding the public markets, many investors are turning to investments that may provide more stable returns. Real Estate in general has historically been an asset type that is able to weather economic downturns, especially in locations with a constant demand for housing in mature submarkets.

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Vangaurd Real Estate Fund vs S&P

During the Great Recession, apartment rents held up better than rents for most other property types, according to John Sullivan, co-chair of DLA Piper’s Global Real Estate Practice.

Below is a comparison of BMG’s performance for 2019 versus other investment options such as bank CD’s, US treasuries and US stock market.

BMG’s performance in comparison

to Bank CD’s, US Treasury Bonds and Nasdaq.

Black Mountain Group performance

Coming Soon!

Our three new distinct Funds to diversify your portfolio with with real estate and our newest and Fund to cater to fast growing Hemp industry.



Opportunity Fund

This hospitality and OREO fund will invest in distressed opportunities available in North America by acquiring current or defaulted mortgage notes, foreclosure sales, bankruptcy sales, short sales or “fire” sales.

Goal is to acquire well located, branded and newer hotels for 40% to 50% off the face value of the notes / mortgages with personal guarantees. Either to foreclose on subject property and ending up owning and operating the asset with 50% of loan value or to settle for full face value of note / mortgage.

Investment range will be $1M to $10M range, in carefully selected locations with high and continuous demand generators.

Exit strategy is two prong, one will be to operate hotels and build up revenue and NOI and sell the assets when market recovers at healthy return, second, to provide in house financing for prospective buyers with 30% to 50% down payment.

We expect market to recover and stabilize by 2023, till then as financing will remain tight we can provide hard to get financing with significant equity plus premium on face value.

We and also many financial industry analysts suggest that due to current economic crisis there will be hotel defaults and bankruptcies this year then in coming two years. Which will result in some key assets trading at far below even the current values and opportunity to hand pick them as they become available in market place. Because of our long term relationships with banks, finance companies, hotel brands, lawyers and brokers we have access to inventory before it hits general market, and due to our extensive experience in turning around troubled hotels, we can handle and take on projects that are complicated and will deliver higher then average results.

We have put together a selected group of experienced attorneys specializing in bankruptcies, bankruptcy experts, Receivers and Trustees for foreclosures and real estate transactions along with experienced hotel management companies, accountants and tax advisors.

Minimum investment requirement of $5,000 per investor for a commitment of 5 years. 7% annualized return distributed annually for first two years, year three forward fund will receive 30% of net operating profits from its assets or from sale of its assets that will be distributed to fund shareholders.

Long Term Growth

RE Opportunity Fund

Pursue superior overall returns with our long term growth fund that invests, in multi family, single family, office, commercial, industrial and land development projects. Fund will operate on zero debt and 100% equity, expected annualized returns from fund to investors are projected to be 30% plus. Fund will share 30% profits to investors and 65% to Developers and 5% to fund manager from rental / operating income or sale of assets.

Returns are based on rental income and potential increase in value over course of time.

Five year commitment required, however if investor wanted to exit prior to five years, a buyout can be initiated with a 60 day notice from investor. Ask fund manager for details.

You can invest as low as $1000 to get started and start building a nest egg for retirement, additional income for your family and loved ones. Investors with investment of $100,000 or more will also earn a preferred return of 5% annually to be distributed quarterly.

Industrial Infrastructure Fund

With enormous popularity and rise of industrial Hemp and related products such as CBD tinctures, oils, gummies and many other variants, BMG is offering an exciting opportunity to investors to participate in this sector. BMG provides infrastructure loans to this growing industry for real estate purchases of warehouses, equipment purchases and securitized loans against inventory. 

BMG’s Industrial Hemp Infrastructure fund (IHIF) is great investment vehicle for those that are looking for consistent income from their investment and have peace of mind as well that their investment is secure with minimal commitment of year.

IHIF will be the first lien holder against loaned collateral with additional measures in place to firmly secure its investment. IHIF will pay a 9% annual coupon rate, distributed quarterly, in additional investors will receive a 5% distribution on maturity if they remain invested for two years or more. Minimum Investment requirement is $1000 per investor.


We provide outstanding & secure investment opportunities to our investors, partners and lenders. Make investment process as easy as possible through current technology and transparency.Be an equal opportunity provider to new investors and seasoned investors.


To have positive impact and transformation of quality of life of everyone we come in contact with and by providing quality of life enhancing and life sustaining products.


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